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We Remain Out-Of-Network Because We Refuse To Let Insurance Dictate Your Care

Project Prehab is a fee-for-service physical therapy clinic that is out-of-network with insurance providers. Remaining out-of-network allows our Physical Therapists to offer a more comprehensive and holistic treatment approach. Our services are always provided one-on-one for 30 minutes or 1 hour. Payments are to be made in full at the time of service. Receipts can be provided at request to submit for out-of-network insurance reimbursement.    


This has been made VERY easy by using the free Reimbursify App. Through Reimbursify, you can file your claims in minutes. Insurance usually reimburses out-of-network claims to those with out-of-network benefits within 2-4 weeks. Learn more or ask questions at

Leg Injury
Sports Injury

Why Don’t We Accept Insurance?

    Your insurance benefits likely cost you more money and leave you in pain longer. Let me explain why; insurance reimbursement rates continue to decrease for qualified providers, and the treatment you receive from in-network therapists is governed by your insurance provider. In-network clinics combat these problems in two different ways. First, many therapists working for in-network clinics are required to treat one or more patients at the same time as you in order to remain profitable. Second, in-network clinics hire Therapy Aids or a Techs to fulfill your plan of care.

Do your symptoms fluctuate and change daily or even hourly? Did you know that Aids and Techs are not legally allowed to adjust your plan of care to match your evolving symptoms?

Do you come to the clinic and perform the same unsupervised exercises each visit? Many therapists are unable to make timely changes to your rehabilitation due to productivity demands.

At Project Prehab, all treatment, from evaluation to discharge, is carried out by the same Doctor of Physical Therapy. They exclusively treat one-on-one and evaluate your tolerance to each treatment provided during your rehabilitation.

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