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Hip Mobility & Corrective Exercise Workshop

You may be asking "Is this course relevant to me?"

If you can answer YES to any of these questions then this class is for you!

Do you struggle with poor hip mobility? 

Do you have low back pain? 

Do you have tight hamstrings? 

Do you spend the majority of your day sitting? 

Do you stretch but still feel tight? 

Michael & Molly are excited to teach you a revolutionary approach to stretching that will not only improve your mobility but also help you maintain it!


Saturday, October 16th, 9:00am - 10:00am


Journey Health & Fitness

17002 E Mainstreet, Parker Co 80134

Registration Instructions:

Click the registration link below

Scroll to the bottom and select the mobility class

Enter email and pay $20 registration fee



Michael & Molly together have a combined 20 years of experience teaching mobility and corrective exercise. They are excited to teach you the tips and tricks they have learned about improving mobility and more importantly maintaining it!

Learn more about them here!

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